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Norcam is a volunteer-based organization where content and programming is generated by members of the
community just like you. Your interests and activities can not only be great programming but also a spotlight
on your school, team, organization, or group. It is as simple as signing up today and getting involved. The only
limit is your imagination.

From time to time, the Norcam Staff may need your help with programs and productions within the community.
With your help, we bring your community to you through television. You can also turn your volunteer hours into
a membership, so contact Norcam today and find out more.

Did you know you can turn volunteer hours into a Norcam membership? Simply sign up and let us know you'll be
volunteering to assist us with Norcam related projects, pending staff approval, and in just four volunteer hours, your
membership will be paid for in service.

Please contact Norcam for more information at norcamrob@gmail.com

CLICK HERE for a membership form

Josh & Corey