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Norcam is the Cable Access and Media Center for the Town of North Reading. The programming seen on our channels is
produced by volunteers and members just like you. Perhaps you enjoy local high school sports or attending lectures at the
Flint Memorial Library? Maybe you have a talent or enjoy a hobby like playing in a band, fishing, crafting, or cooking?
Did you know that you could turn your interests and hobbies into television programming? Well, you can. Anyone can,
all you have to do is get involved!

How? Norcam is offering training, equipment, facilities, and on-air time for you to create programming to that will be
seen and enjoyed in and around North Reading. We have been upgrading our new facility with state of the art technology
that will provide the tools and resources necessary to create great community television. You will receive free training
and instruction just for being a member! We have volunteer opportunities to help us provide coverage of local events
in town as well.Get involved and participate from the start - our start! Be creative and help us build and grow. This is
fun, it's exciting, and it's a great way to share with your community and be a part of something great!


Our Membership Rates are:
FAMILY: $20.00
ORGANIZATION: $20.00 (first 4 initial members and $5.00 for each additional member.)

CLICK HERE if you would like to download the Norcam Membership Form.

Here is an example of a camera you can take out

video  camera

Did you know you can turn volunteer hours into a Norcam membership? Simply sign up and let us know you'll be
volunteering to assist us with Norcam related projects, pending staff approval, and in just four volunteer hours, your
membership will be paid for in service.

Please contact Norcam for more information at norcamrob@gmail.com