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Our Public Access Channel is where you can tune in to see general interest programming with a little something for everyone!
Comcast channel 8
Verizon channel 26.
Public Access schedule

Our Eductional Access Channel is where you can watch educational programming as well as coverage of events in the
North Reading public Schools.

Comcast channel 99
Verizon channel 28

Education Access Schedule

Our Government Access Channel is where you can tune in to view Town related meetings as well as programming
provided by the local utility company, the State of Massachusetts, and Federal government agencies.
Comcast channel 22
Verizon channel 24
Government Access Schedule



Are you interested in submitting some programming to Norcam?

Here are the guidelines:
1.) All programming must be submitted with a Cablecast Request Form completed by the
local producer or sponsor. CLICK HERE for your copy of our Cablecast Request Form.
Programs submitted without this form will not be shown on our channels.

2.) The submitted program contains NONE of the following:
Any material that is obscene, libelous, slanderous, or otherwise illegal.
Any lottery information or material that is intended to defraud the viewer.
Any material that is commercial in nature.
Any invasion of privacy.
Any violations of copyrights, trademarks, or publicity rights that might violate federal, state, or local laws.

3.) We request that all programs include color bars, program black, and a countdown.
At the absolute minimum, please include 3 to 5 seconds of black at the beginning and end of your
program for cablecast purposes and continuity. All DVD programs should be "menu-enabled" with the menu
appearing first and auto-play function disabled. All programs must be properly labeled on the
disk's face or tape's spine containing the following information:
The program title
The total run time (Ex. - TRT=29:35 or 29 min.(utes) 35 sec.(onds))
The name of the program producer with a phone number
The date the program was produced

4.) We write our programming schedule every Thursday morning for the following week.
This allows us the time to program the schedule so there are no conflicts and to inform the
general public. We request that all programming that is going to air in the schedule for the
following week be submitted to us by the end of day on Wednesday.

5.) Please bear in mind that our schedule is subject to change without notice for a variety of reasons,
so if you have an issue please contact us.

We appreciate feedback from our viewers at home and if you have seen a program on Norcam
that has caused an issue, please feel free to contact us and complete a Viewer Inquiry Form.
CLICK HERE if you would like to download a Norcam Viewer Inquiry Form.
For more information either contact us here at the studio or write to: norcamschedule@gmail.com