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The Norcam Community Bulletin Board displays a wide array of information for the community to keep updated
on current events from municipal meeting dates and town department information to community events and the on-air
program schedule. Norcam would like to encourage all the schools, town departments, and community organizations
to use this great resource to keep in touch with the viewers in the Town of North Reading. Please note that the community
bulletin board is for non-commercial purposes. CLICK HERE if you would like to download a Norcam Bulletin Board
Request Form.

We recommend the following guidelines in order to generate an ideal bulletin board page
Pages cycle every 15 seconds for optimum display so please:
1)Use 10 to 12 lines of text sticking with the basic information and facts.
2)Use JPEG (.jpg) or Bit Map (.bmp) image files no larger than 800 X 600 pixels.
3)Use of email to send information to us.
4)Use of Notepad, Word Pad, MS Word, and Open Office Writer files.
We DO NOT recommend:
1)Use of copyright materials.
2)Use of animation files and video clips.
3)Use of Power Point pages.
4)Use of non-recommended image files that are too small or large in size.

For more information or if you wish to submit a bulletin board message, please contact us at: norcambulletinboard@gmail.com

Here are a couple of bulletin board messages

Bulletin Board stillBulletin Board still